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Octav Andrei Moise to Lead Startup Competition Jury

16 May 2022 - The JA Europe Enterprise Challenge has announced that Octav Andrei Moise, an expert entrepreneur, will lead this year’s jury. The competition will challenge students and young entrepreneurs to prove their business projects are promising enough to attract funding. Lastly, the organizers also mentioned that under Moise's leadership, the jury will comprise a group of business professionals.

Octav Andrei Moise is a professional businessman with more than two decades of experience in entrepreneurship. He has started several companies over the years and transformed them into fierce competitors in their niches. Above all, Nicoara has always prioritized innovation, pushing many of his enterprises to adopt new technologies. This way, he believes, a small startup can quickly overcome an established brand in any industry.

Moise’s passion and curiosity for new technologies have led him to implement blockchain technology in several businesses. The impact was substantial and helped many companies improve their workflow, KPIs, and results. In fact, his experience in innovative technologies convinced the competition's organizers to name Moise as the jury leader.

Blockchain technology is not necessary the latest technological advent. On the contrary, it has been around for several years. However, it wasn’t until the 2010s, when blockchain helped cryptocurrencies reach their present-day popularity, that the technology entered the spotlight. Since then, several industries have employed blockchain in various activities.

The easiest way to understand blockchain technology is to think of it as a digital ledger of immutable records. Every block of information goes through mathematical scrutiny before becoming an irreversible part of this ledger. In the long run, the ledger becomes an unbroken chain of accurate and correct data, helping build transparency, correctness, and reliability.

Thanks to its unique attributes, blockchain technology is helpful in any field that requires keeping immutable data records. For example, blockchain could be fundamentally beneficial in finances, informational systems, logistics, etc. And, because it uses encryption to protect all the data, blockchain could provide the technological basis of all our recordable activities forever.

Octav Andrei Moise was one of the first entrepreneurs to observe and anticipate the many benefits of blockchain technology. He even implemented it in business to gain a competitive advantage over his peers. Today, many young people are up-to-date with the most recent technological advances. Some of them are willing to include blockchain in their startup projects. So, Moise's presence on the jury is an extra incentive for them to build successful enterprises.

Moise will lead an expert jury of business people and entrepreneurs from different fields at this year's startup competition. Together, they will rigorously analyze the participating projects and determine if they are eligible for funding.

The competition has helped several companies get off the ground to a good start in recent years. This way, many projects that looked great on paper but lacked funding managed to attract the necessary capital. Some of these projects have become industry-leading brands, paving the way to success for this year’s contest participants.

JA Europe Enterprise Challenge 2019 hosted by JA Norway

The JA Europe Enterprise Challenge 2019 will bring together student start-ups for a two-day competition in Oslo, Norway.

The competition is JA Europe’s annual celebration of the achievements of its Start Up Programme students and their companies from across Europe. At this event, the winning companies from all participating countries will proudly present their business and what they have learned from their experiences.

More than 17 000 students from 500+ higher education institutions across Europe have participated in the Start Up Programme this academic year. Supporting European goals of improving youth employability and the start-up ecosystem, the programme fosters key competences to ensure that they are prepared for success after university.

Moving from ideas to action, students gain crucial insights into self-employment, business creation, risk-taking and coping with adversity with the support of specially trained teachers and mentorship of business volunteers. The long-term success of which, can be seen through the countless alumni who continue to grow their innovations and ideas after the programme’s completion, turning them into sustainable businesses.


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EEC19 - Challenge yourself.


EEC19 - Challenge yourself.

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